Eloff Transformers


We have been manufacturing Air Cooled, Dry Type Transformers for the last 35 years.

Size Range: 5VA – 500KVA.
Voltage range: Up to 3.3KV @ 200KVA & 1KV @ 500KVA

As well as:
> Startup Chokes
> Plating Rectifiers
> Ac to Dc Conversion
> Coil Rewinds and Repairs
> Medical Isolation Transformers
> Constant Voltage Transformers (Currently unavailable)
> Voltage Converters for Most American Appliances (220v-110v)
> Three Phase to Single Phase Conversion
> Single Phase to Three Phase Converters

Our facility complies with ISO9001 Standards.
Single and Three Phase Transformers undergo a thorough test and inspection in accordance with SANS 61558-1:2010 & IEC 60076-1:2011 Specifications.
Our Medical Isolation Transformers are also subject to the same thorough testing and comply with SANS 61556-2-15:2012 IEC 61558-2-15:2011 Specifications.

Here at Eloff Transformers, we always strive to manufacture products of the highest possible quality. We always work towards maintaining a high workmanship standard while minimizing turnaround time. A typical 10KVA Transformer will take 24 hours to manufacture.
We are always ready and willing to work side by side with our customers in order to design and develop custom made Transformers that meet their exact requirements and perform according to their intended use.

What our Customers say….

Leon Eksteen
Leon Eksteen
They did a rewound on my 67 Vox amplifier s power transformer.’ Very fast service and perfect product. Thanks
ad2graph studio
ad2graph studio
Eloff Transformers saved my business and my time. They repaired and tested my imported 5000w step-down transformer and went the extra mile sourcing additional parts with a smile. Their technicians are insightful, front desk friendly and management professional.
Jeremy Busby
Jeremy Busby
If you need your amp transformers rewound or new ones made, speak to Lilian or Zelda – they do a great job! Made a new transformer for me for my 1964 Showman which sounds wonderful now! They also have done many rewinds for me over the years. All at a great price and quickly!
Sarel Rautenbach
Sarel Rautenbach
Fantastic service ! had a breakdown on a machine and got the transformer made same day. South Africa can be proud of such companies.
Daniel van der Westhuizen
Daniel van der Westhuizen
I have purchased a custom wound power transformer for a tube amplifier and I must say, I am quite impressed. The Transformer is built EXACTLY to specification and has given me no problems whatsoever. This all came at a price I deemed more than reasonable for that specific kind of transformer. I would however like to see their website updated to give me a better idea of what their services entail, such as what transformer sizes they offer so that I can ask if they can make a transformer with that specific size in mind. Keep up the good quality guys!
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Alexander
Awesome service! Always ready to assist and provide information. Quality work
Jannie Smal
Jannie Smal
Great company to do business with! I was refereed to them & was pleased with the service! Friendly staff, very helpful , professional & accurate advise. The owner also there if you need him! Will go again if I need another Transformer!
Julian Venter
Julian Venter
Without a doubt the worst service I’ve ever gotten from any company. Very unhelpful, very impatient and clearly not interested in doing business at all.



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Happy New Year

  Happy New Year to all of our customers! Just a quick update, as of today, we are open for trade.

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If possible during this period, please could all Inquiries and RFQ’s kindly be directed to our mail addresses. Many thanks!

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A very good evening to all of our customers. We hope everyone is keeping safe during this difficult time. With regards to this update, we have obtained an operating permit …